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The complete Clothbound Classics

The complete Clothbound Classics

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literature meme | poems 1/9

La Belle Dame sans Merci (“The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy” ) is a ballad written by the English poet John Keats. It exists in two versions, with minor differences between them. The original was written by Keats in 1819. He used the title of a 15th century poem by Alain Chartier, though the plots of the two poems are different. The poem is considered an English classic, stereotypical to other of Keats’ works. It avoids simplicity of interpretation despite simplicity of structure. At only a short twelve stanzas, of only four lines each, with a simple ABCB rhyme scheme, the poem is nonetheless full of enigmas, and has been the subject of numerous interpretations. (x) 

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Words to keep inside your pocket:

  • Quiescent - a quiet, soft-spoken soul.
  • Chimerical - merely imaginary; fanciful. 
  • Susurrus - a whispering or rustling sound. 
  • Raconteur - one who excels in story-telling. 
  • Clinquant - glittering; tinsel-like. 
  • Aubade - a song greeting the dawn. 
  • Ephemeral - lasting a very short time. 
  • Sempiternal - everlasting; eternal. 
  • Euphonious - pleasing; sweet in sound. 
  • Billet-doux - a love letter. 
  • Redamancy - act of loving in return.
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There’s kindness in your eyes. And sadness. But a ferocity too.

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dw amy pond 


game typography challenge mass effect edition

favourite character(s) plus quotes

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Top Ten Favorite Bioware Characters #1 Miranda Lawson

“Physically I’m superior in many ways. I heal quickly and I’ll likely live half again as long as the average human. My biotic abilities are also very advanced. Add to that some of the best training and education money can buy and, well, it’s pretty impressive really.”

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Nightmare In Silver scenery

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favorite GoT female characters - asked by lestreep

favorite GoT female characters - asked by lestreep

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